About Me

About Me

I am a 30 something woman living in Atlanta, GA. I work as a web content manager for a telecommunications company. I have 19 years experience in the corporate world. I am an avid traveler and a lover of all things style and fashion.  Most importantly I am a proud puppy mom of a cockapoo named Barkley!

I started This Curvy Life in the Spring of 2016 via Instagram.

I want to share what I have learned living This Curvy Life with all with you..how to travel well and how you can afford to go more and farther than you thought, how to blog, how to take good care of yourself and others, reflect your personal style and how you can do all these things with full joy and self-appreciation right now!

When I look at articles in magazines or watch my favorite personalities online I feel like something is missing.  Instead of waiting to see women like me represented in magazines or even in other blogs I decided to start my own!

This is all a part of This Curvy Life!

Thanks for checking it out! You can contact me at danie@thiscurvylife.com and see my blog policies here if you are interested in advertising on This Curvy Life.

XO Danie


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