This Curvy Life is 6 months old! What have I learned about myself and life in general as I have worked at this goal? What info can I share with newer bloggers that would have been helpful when I started? Let’s talk? … View Post

Instagram is a great way to build your brand as a new blogger. But how to build your audience is crazy confusing. Should you follow for follow? When should you post? In this post I share what I have learned…So far…… View Post

Do friends keep asking you what you’re doing for Memorial Day? Wanna come over and get in the pool? Wanna take a road trip? Wanna go to the movies? Sorry girl I can’t. I have to plan posts, I have to research Google Analytics, I have to edit my posting schedule… View Post

Well, long story short…I have always loved talking and sharing! I would start writing things and have ideas for books or websites when I was younger and never seek an outlet to share them. I started a fashion tumblr years ago but even that was not reflective of my true… View Post