This Curvy Life’s Blog Policies

This Curvy Life’s Blog Policies

Thanks so much for your interest in advertising on This Curvy Life.

Partnership policies:

I create and curate all content on This Curvy Life. All content is written by me and includes my opinion. I do not accept any guest posts from outside sources at this time. If a post is written that is sponsored I will share its sponsored source, and if it is not that will also be included in the post. No advertiser will be allowed to have final say over the content that is published on This Curvy Life. All opinions will be authentically in my voice.

Affiliate Links:

Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links. These links allow me to keep creating new content at no additional cost to you. They keep this blog running by paying its bills, yay!

Featured posts:

If your company is generous enough to share your products with me, thank you. Please understand that no product will be shared here if it is not in line with the voice of This Curvy Life. Please contact me to make sure your expectations can be met. You can email me at



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