Do bloggers get holidays off?

Do bloggers get holidays off?

Do friends keep asking you what you’re doing for Memorial Day? Wanna come over and get in the pool? Wanna take a road trip? Wanna go to the movies? Sorry girl I can’t. I have to plan posts, I have to research Google Analytics, I have to edit my posting schedule for this week. This is what I call the new blogger struggle!

What’s interesting to me is, I am not sad about this in any way! I wake up most mornings thinking about blogging! I want to do it! I want to take advantage of this time where I want and need to do this (I hear the burnout is real, lol). So this morning up I got with my tea and my laptop, blogging yet again…

Every time I think I have conquered something, there appear to be 80 more things I have not even scratched the surface on understanding. How many of you are struggling to figure out Google Analytics? I have it downloaded in WordPress via a plugin call Monster Insights but that just gets it installed and even that was crazy hard.  I have no idea how the overview from Google works! Anyone else living this new blogger struggle life? Shout out to my fellow hustler, awesome photographer Victoria

Welp this is the plan today, figure out the Google Analytics basics and plan the next 2 weeks of posts. Do you plan your posts? Do you find that some things are working better than others? I know most of us have many many questions. Well, here’s to your search today. I hope you find many answers. And don’t worry, we will enjoy our day off island hopping in the Amalfi Coast…thanks Jay-Z for the motivation!

xo Danie


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