How to…Pack essentials on the go!

How to…Pack essentials on the go!

If you are like me travel is a consistent thing and the easiest part for me is packing toiletries and cosmetics. Now choosing looks to wear, well… that is a whole different story. Since indecisive outfit planning will most likely plague me for the foreseeable future I wanted to share my tips for quickly packing your toiletry and cosmetic essentials for your next trip!

  1. I keep a bag packed with essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotion, moisturizers, face wipes etc at all times. I currently use a bag from a past collection from Pink by Victoria’s secret but I found a really cute one here that would be even better here! This bag is better than mine because it has sections (mine doesn’t) and the bag is water resistant it expands and can be folded for easy storage and most importantly the look of it is cute.
  2. Take advantage of freebies. At your dentist, they should have the trial sized floss and toothpaste along with full-size toothbrushes.
  3. I was gifted some lovely soaps and lotions on a recent trip to Chicago and each one of those items will be going with me. You can find many of these in the travel size section at Target.
  4. Keep your samples from your favorite stores, I keep perfume samples and put them in my toiletry bag along with the containers from samples from cosmetic counters the small containers can hold sunscreen or highlight powder if you have large full-size cosmetic containers.
  5. Keep your bag in an easy to find spot. I keep mine in the bottom drawer in my bathroom. I grab it, throw it in the suitcase and you can check it off your list!

If you are anything like me, if your flight 8 am, you are still packing at 1 am, so…save yourself the headache and keep these things in your bag and you will only need to add a few more essentials and you will be ready for your trip in a snap!

xo Danie


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