Summer 2017 Reading Obsessions

Summer 2017 Reading Obsessions

Summer brings so many things: travel, movies, and fun. I can’t imagine traveling without 2 or 3 books downloaded to get me through a flight delay or long car ride. Another one of my favorite things about summer is knowing what books will be made into movies this year!  Every year in preparation for my next favorite blockbuster, I look up the books and get to reading. I love to see what point of view the movie will take that is guaranteed to be different from mine. So in preparation of your Summer travel and movie theater seat selection, I decided to share my list with you and maybe we can be hyped for Summer 2017 books together. Oh, and for my on-the-go readers I am including a must listen to audiobook that everyone will be talking about! There is nothing worse than not knowing what your friends are talking about on that inspirational reading tip. Let your girl help you out with a few links to help you catch up!

My first selection is… The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

If you and a stranger ended up in a plane crash on top of a mountain and needed each other to survive after realizing help is not coming, could you make it? This is a story of survival in the least anticipated circumstances. The movie is starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet and comes out October 2017!

2nd selection is…Murder on the Orient Express

This is a classic mystery by Agatha Christie. Who doesn’t like a good case of Whodunnit? The movie is star-studded with Josh Gad, Johnny Depp, Leslie Odom Jr, Kenneth Branagh, and Dame Judi Dench to name a few. It hits theaters November 2017

Audio Book Obsession: The Power of Habit. Why we do what we do in life and in business by Charles Duhhig

In my opinion, it is great to examine why we do things the way we do and how this can be helping or hindering us from reaching our full potential. If you want another book selection…read on.

3rd book selection is…My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier

Another mystery about a seemingly lovely woman who was the adoring wife of the recently departed Ambrose. Was Ambrose as loved as Rachel would like to make it seem or is she as cold and calculating as Ambrose’s son imagines. The movie stars Rachel Weisz and the ever cute Sam Claflin. It hits theaters June 9th.

I hope these reading selections get you excited for your trips and for the movies this year. Let me know which books you are obsessed with in the comments!

xo Danie


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