Girlfriends trip to Barcelo Bavaro Beach Adults Only Resort

Girlfriends trip to Barcelo Bavaro Beach Adults Only Resort

This year, I planned a girlfriends trip to the Dominican Republic! Out of all the resorts available in Punta Cana, Barcelo Bavaro Beach Adults Only Resort was the best from a pricing standpoint to accommodate all my friends, with the best amenities! I can tell you from the jump we enjoyed the resort and wished we stayed longer! Barcelo Bavaro Beach Adults Only is an all-inclusive resort. It is part of a dual resort, the other is family friendly and houses, even more entertainment, pools, the spa, breathtaking views and many other amenities! So for those considering going, I want to give you my tips to making this a great vacation!

First, I would suggest you go for longer than we did. We were only there 5 days which seems long for some but when you count check-in and check out it is basically 4 full days. They offer many amenities and services that we were not able to take advantage of due to time like: massages by the pools, dinners on the beach, and dining in more of their specialty restaurants. 2nd, be sure to take advantage of their VIP/Premium level service. This offers you a more comfortable check-in service, more food options in the lounge, free room service, and extra help with reservations to some of the specialty restaurants that may be booked when you get there. 3rd, plan some of your trip in advance. I would email the management to ask for reservations in advance, seeing as how the specialty restaurants are booked most of the time. My fave was their Spanish restaurant. You will want to eat there more than once! We tried the French, Spanish & Buffets, however, the best was the Spanish restaurant! The wine was great, the cuisine on point, and the service was EXCELLENT! They have Japanese, Greek, and a Steak house, but many nights we missed our reservation due to being tired from the beach so I cannot review those here.

Getting around the resort complex is easy. They provide a trolley that will take you to the various hotels on their property. It runs all day and we did not experience waits over 15 minutes. I would suggest that if you have a spa appointment head there early, just in case the trolley is a bit slow.

Me and my girlfriends on the trolley in Punta Cana DRThe spa is at the neighboring family friendly resort. It is in the same building as their gym and has a hidden gem: on top of the building is a breathtaking view of the beach, with an infinity pool that is so relaxing. At night they serve drinks there and you can watch as the palm trees sway in the breeze. The view of the stars at night are so calming and you can take a moonlit stroll back to your room at the Adults Only Resort that will make you want to permanently change your address to Punta Cana!

I have to admit it was nice to be in a more quiet environment in the Adults Only resort. It was made for relaxing and the staff made a large effort to make sure we enjoyed our accommodations. The rooms had fruit baskets and a complimentary bottle of rum for us to enjoy! Our room opened straight to the walkway to the beach and had an amazing view! In the morning we even had peacocks strolling by. Don’t worry if your friends do not choose the Premium Level option, no room had a bad view as the beach is steps away from most rooms. The buildings are very close so you can meet up for activities very easily and the resort is very accommodating when it comes to external excursions!

My words of advice: they take dress codes seriously in the restaurants, so see thru coverups from the beach will have you turned away at the door. Cover up and you will have no problems. Even if you don’t get a reservation at the specialty restaurants the buffet has quality foods that are quite delicious and a friendly wait staff (Is it a rule that the male servers be very good looking?) Anyway, I digress, lol.


Barcelo Bavaro Beach Punta Cana Buffet dining view

Be sure to get contact info for your excursions if you book with a travel agent as you may have questions on meeting times etc when you arrive. Also if you are planning a girlfriends trip like I was, be sure to have each person book their room separately (meaning that person and their roommate). Initially, we had 15 girls going but in the end, 4 went. 4! This is how women are and if you book together you may have increased fees and an exceptional amount of headache. Last tidbit, the beds are not large. They are full sized beds in the room we had, and we initially were going to have 3 people in our room. This meant the 3rd person would be sleeping on a rollaway bed that wasn’t that appealing if I am honest. We did not end up having to use it so everyone slept comfortably and had a great time!

With all that said, I would visit Barcelo Bavaro Adult Only Resort again, but for a longer time! If you go I am sure you and your girlfriends will enjoy it! Let me know what you think of this review in the comments and please enjoy a few more photos from our wonderful girlfriends trip!

Beach view in Punta Cana

Beach hat Punta Cana Vacation

Photo shoot in Punta Cana

Kyoto Restaurant Barcelo Beach Resort




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  1. October 18, 2017 / 3:01 pm

    Everything looks amazing & sounds like you had a great time! I’m really in a need for a getaway like this haha. I’m knackered.

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