Glorious Garden Party Fab

Glorious Garden Party Fab

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Garden Party with some of my favorite girlfriends. The event was so lovely and like an escape into a scene from Great Gatsby. I love events like this, the ambiance, the crowd, the drinks, all awesome! It was thrown by Atlas Obscura and featured gin by Hendrick’s. I found out that they have events around the world so maybe you can find one in your neck of the woods. On to the event…

It started with a lovely entryway with rose petals scattered at the entrance of an old home turned event space in Atlanta and of course, I could not resist posing right in the middle of them.Glorious Garden Gala Atlanta Atlas Obscura

They had 3 interior rooms that had a bar and an additional bar outside. The cost of admission covered all drinks and the gin features hints of rose and cucumber so that was the theme in all decoration. They even had a cool machine where a man was riding a stationary bike that cut the cucumbers for the gin. He was awesome and adorable with his rose and was nice enough to wave for the picture.

Hendrick's Gin Atlanta Garden Party

I am not a big gin drinker but they were creative with the drinks, even featuring a mojito made with gin. There were so many great places to take pictures and we took advantage of just about all of them.

It is wonderful to have girlfriends to share these events with. I love each one of them. It was fun to play games and enjoy the event. We played cornhole which I am not very good at (I am horrible) but it was fun anyway!

Cornhole Garden Party Atlas Obscura Cornhole Garden Party Atlas Obscura



I definitely loved each second of this event and hope they have another one. Do you have anything you love to do with your friends? Share in the comments?

xo Danie

ps you can get details on what I wore here:


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