Confessions of a Puppy Mom…

Confessions of a Puppy Mom…

So after 2 months with my puppy, it’s official. I am an obsessed puppy mom. What are the main symptoms of this disease?

  • Your phone is full of pictures and videos of your dog doing nothing in particular.
  • You turn down social activities to be with your dog.
  • Your front seat has a booster seat, chew toys, and disposable poop bags on it.
  • Puppy riding in car seat

    Barkley is ready for her close up even on the road.

  • You find yourself missing your dog even when you are just in the next room.
  • When you go out of town, you wonder if FedEx can send your dog to you because life without her stinks out loud!

Why is this so significant? Because 2 months ago, I wanted to ship this little goober right back from whence she came! I was exceptionally overwhelmed by having a puppy and considered giving up many times. So…what changed?

Frankly, I stuck it out and I adjusted my attitude which I must say was no small feat. When you have gone over 30 years doing what you want it’s hard to accept that what you wanted was more labor intensive than you anticipated. Sure people told me having a puppy was just like having a kid, but if you have no children what is the real point of reference? Real quick, shout out to all the human parents out there, if this puppy had me so stressed out I can’t imagine how you are making it. Moving on… I made it thru the bathroom breaks every 2 hours (night and day), the inexplicable excessive biting (we are still working on that), and the crying/whining excessively at any time of day to see a crazy funny, energetic, and sweet puppy, who loved me even when I didn’t like her very much. Look at this face and tell me that’s not love…I’ll wait.

Barkley Cockapoo puppy 3 months

How adorable is this face! Barkley 3 months old

If you are contemplating getting a puppy I would tell you to mentally prepare as you will now be making room in your life for a little being that is dependent on you for everything including, play, rest, emotional support (separation anxiety is real for puppies), and physical exercise. But once you get on a schedule and then if you are anything like me, remember to bring back things you love in your daily life you will be obsessed with your little nugget just like I am!

Adorable Cockapoo puppy 3 months

Shoutout to the inspiration for this post: Barkley the Wonderpup!

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xo Danie


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  1. Chloey A.M.
    August 8, 2017 / 11:10 am

    Yes!! This whole thing is so true. It’s like bringing in a little person in your life because they don’t know what’s going on, but you have to make so many adjustments to your life! It’s so worth it and I’m soo glad that you guys are where you are! And then as she matures she’ll get even easier to be with because older dogs = more chill dogs! 🙂


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