What I packed for…Miami in July!!!

What I packed for…Miami in July!!!

Being a Miami native girl I know that the heat is brutal pretty much all year but in July and August the heat is it at its highest level of rudeness. With that in mind, planning what to wear is crucial especially when you are plus sized. For this trip, I was so happy to find the Harem trend is rampant this summer. Usually, that material is light and billowy and easy to dress up or dress down.

My style is always geared toward color and this trip was no different. I picked pieces that were bright and fun. Here is a quick video overview of them…

  1.  Red Harem Jumpsuit/romper from Forever 21+ (new and still on site)
  2. Yellow Harem Dress (not official name lol) from Asos Curve (new and still on site)
  3. Pink Layered Dress – H & M Plus (over a year and a half old, no longer on site)
  4. Black Jumpsuit – PS Just Fab (Got in subscription box about 3 months ago, not sure if it is available)
  5. Blue Maxi dress with Split – Eloquii (still on site)

For shoes, I packed blue heeled sandals, Chucks and Black Chunky heeled shooties pictured in this past post.

For accessories, I was able to bring a variety of necklaces but my fave was a green jewel toned necklace that set off the cobalt blue in the dress I wore to Le Sirenuse for a fancy night out!

Me and My nephews!

I wasn’t able to wear the black jumpsuit or the pink layered dress but it was great to have options. Especially options that are flexible. I ended up throwing on a scarf and the red harem jumpsuit and chucks for a dinner with family. Thankfully the weather was great and the jumpsuit is so comfortable and effortless you can’t help but love it.

Just a note all of these pieces fit in a carry on bag (packing post coming soon).

Most of the time due to the heat I just wore a headscarf instead of anything heavy. It protected my hair when it rained intermittently and helped wick away the sweat from the heat! And its a fun look if I do say so myself 😉

I hope these looks give you an idea of what kept me comfortable yet stylish in Miami’s summer heat. Add your email below if you want to keep up on the latest trends I come across.

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xo Danie


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