This Curvy Life is live!!!

This Curvy Life is live!!!

YAAAAAY! This evening, went live!!! I was soooo excited to share the new blog with everyone. I have had a few blog posts that I migrated over from IG but as I developed the site I started writing posts about my recent trip to Chicago. I realized that this content would not be seen by anyone while I was excited about it, so I decided to make a few more tweaks and open the site to my friends and followers on IG until it was ready for a full launch. So 5.24.17 at 6:28 pm it went live to the world! I have worked very hard to make choices that gave me a blog that represented what I was interested in, and here it is!

It was hilarious when I selected the live button. I kept wondering if that was it…It was just on the internet, just like that??? I went to Google, FB and IG and tried all the links making sure the site was live. I could not get over that it was on the internet that EVERYONE used, lol.

There will be many updates and I am literally just starting but it does feel good to see all these baby steps go somewhere.

xo Danie


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  1. Nakia
    May 25, 2017 / 11:16 am

    Yay! I’m so excited to read this! It’s LIVE baby! (In my New Orleans accent)

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