Appreciating the journey

Appreciating the journey

My blog is 4 months old! I cannot believe it and I while I am very excited that I launched I have to admit that I was distracted by changes in my life and have not been as focused as I would have liked on its progression. So I decided to take some time out to write and plan and help move the blog’s content on to where I would like it to be. Where is exactly is that? Well, I am writing a blog about travel and lifestyle (cool items or places that I like that enhance my everyday life). To accomplish this it takes planning and time…

So I came to my hometown (Miami) and am taking a little time to unwind and appreciate the journey and enjoy the view…literally

Enjoying the moment and the view

A gorgeous view of the beach and my Chucks

Today I am taking the time to research my own city (Atlanta) and what it offers and I am going to document going to those spots on the blog in the upcoming weeks as well as share info on new things that make me happy.  I hope you like it and I really appreciate each of you that takes the time to read these posts and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up on the things I love weekly!

xo Danie

p.s. My main obsession this week is the travel candle. Travel candles are a great way to center yourself and remind your self of scents in your own home. My favorite so far is from Milk homemade. Milk homemade is a boutique that specializes in handmade or custom items. I found them in Chicago and they carry travel candles with unique and amazing scents like horchata, Meyer lemon and greenhouse. My favorite is the Teakwood and Cardamom candle. I love the spicy slightly sweet scent and it enhances any room you are in.

Travel candle


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