What’s Your Personal Style? How to identify it…

What’s Your Personal Style? How to identify it…

Style is something I have always loved, but it is not always something we can identify. Personal style is not dictated by fashion. Fashion brings you looks that complement your style. So what is your personal style? How can you find it? I like to think style comes from your personal preference. Think of things you are drawn to? Do you love certain shapes or colors? I like to think of it this way…If I was a particular thing, a car, a sofa, a color…which would I be? Find photos of that thing and make an inspiration/mood board. Look at some of your favorite celebs…why do you like them? Usually, we like celebs because they have a quality we like to think we possess or wish we did. So Google some looks your fave celeb has rocked. This may help you identify more of your personal style. Even if you like someone’s style that is nothing like what you would wear you can find ways to express this style in another way. Example, perhaps your fave rocks a leather look you would never wear but a cool leather decorative piece or chair would work for you!

What is my style?

I will apply my example to myself…

I love color. The brighter the better. I also like fun patterns. I also like a classic silhouette like A-line or Empire as these tend to flatter me. If I was car I would be a BMW X6 and if I was a decorative piece of furniture I would be a Chesterfield chair.

Two of my fave celebs that apply to my likes…Danielle Brooks and Mindy Kaling.

I love Danielle because our names are the same (hehe) and because she is chocolate brown and beautiful. Growing up I never saw anyone that looked like her. She is funny, fun and great at what she does. I love how she lives her curvy confidence.

Mindy Kaling’s character on the Mindy Project has been a friend in my head for years. I love the use of color in her wardrobe and how they dress Mindy’s petite and curvy frame. She is so hilarious and her character on the show is so over the top but loveable. I would love to think we are sisters in another universe.

Here are some pictures that show my style. I would love to hear about yours. If you are still figuring yours out I hope this helped you pinpoint some things that bring out more of your style!

xo Danie

Vegas nights personal style

Peplum top with leather accent, blue leggings with heels. Personal style in Vegas

Tea Party style plus size fashion

Tea Party style A-line dress with a modern twist with spring color

Personal sunglass style classic cat eye with modern twist

Personal sunglass style classic cat eye with modern twist

Streetwear in Chicago, fun and bright

Curvy Plus size fashion

Black and white happy style




  1. Letticia
    June 11, 2017 / 3:46 pm

    So proud of you! Everything about this page is fab! Love the content.

  2. Danie
    June 12, 2017 / 3:19 am

    Thanks so much Letticia!

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