Some of my favorite things about…Chicago

Some of my favorite things about…Chicago


When you visit a town and start thinking about living there on the 2nd day, you know it’s special! Chicago has all the elements I love about my present home…Atlanta, but it has a crucial thing…water! Beaches and rivers are so special to me. I was raised seeing water everywhere in Miami. It is calming and beautiful. I love cities that are historic and full of great people, great shopping, and even greater sights.

There are many gems that make Chicago an iconic American city! The most famous sites are filled with something I love… color! Whether it is found on a famous marquee, reflected in metallic sculpture, found via hidden art under a bridge or in the cool shadows of its architecture. Your creative mind will stay inspired in this great city!

Scroll down to see a very awesome dance number at the Bean.

xo Danie

This was taken at night (obvs lol) but as cars drove by the tiles looked like stars

The only thing I knew I wanted to see when I came was the Bean in Millenial park. It is iconic and so fun to take photos by. There were so many people of all backgrounds there having fun and enjoying the city. It made me wanna dance! The Bean Boogie




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