Want to be the worlds best hostess?

Want to be the worlds best hostess?

Recently, I went to visit a friend in Chicago. They were sweet enough to pick us up from the airport and waiting in the car, I was greeted with the sweetest welcome gift ever! I really want to make this something I do for all my guests because it made me feel so special and welcome in my friend’s home! I want everyone to feel this way!

The gift was an adorable reusable travel/makeup bag filled with things guests would need, like handmade soap, two types of lotion, lip balm, and a mini shower poof (is that what they are called? lol), pens, and a travel-sized journal. After taking us around the city, we got to her home and there were lovely fluffy towels and washcloths waiting in the room where we were staying.

While none of this is required and its great to visit friends regardless of what they can give you… When you go out of your way to make your guests feel welcomed by putting thought into a visit by looking into things to do and taking us to places that emphasize what makes your city special, it makes a normal visit even better! Chicago was an amazing visit that I will not soon forget! It is so wonderful when people make you feel special!

xo Danie


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